Scam report about Stacy Walters

First name:  Stacy
Last name:  Walters
Age:  30
Location:  Miami Florida
Phone:  7863001481
On websites:
Report:  I met a girl name Stacy Walters and we talked for 7 months starting right after memorial day. It started out mom had cancer. We talked for 6 weeks and then I offered to send her flowers. Then came we do not have insurance I would rather have cash to pay for medicine. Then she said her phone fell in pond could only text or leave messages 150 for a phone please. I did not send the money because everyone has a phone. She told me she fell in love with me and wanted to meet me. I booked a trip to Orlando Florida to meet her from September 8th to the 12th. She did not show up but the second day there I bumped into Stacy at the croissant moon bakery at Universal Studios. She got felt up by a guy wearing gang clothes wearing all black clothes. She got up and walked out on Richard Walters. The man knew who I was right away but the girl did not. When I got back we made up. She left a message saying where are you then explained her exboyfriend called her up on the phone he wanted me back. She told me she does not give out her number until after she meets someone. Then they made up she was sick thought she was going to die. Please help me. Like a fool I called the number 30 times in 2 days got no answer. Then I found out that Stacy lived 3 hours away from Richard Walters who owned the number. Stacy and I made plans to meet up after the fact in January. Then the third party asked for rent and just left me dry. Then 3 weeks later I get contacted on messenger by her boyfriend Richard saying he has her and is holding her hostage. If I do not pay his ransom he was going to kill her. She owed me money. I took the threat very seriously so I backed track. I found out that the email was in Sunnyside California not orlando so Stacy did not email me it. Then I found out through my investigator that these scammers were working in Texas, Seattle, Nigeria, California, and Miami. Richard Walters was the leader in Florida who collected a percentage of the victims they defrauded. They always want you to pay western union or money gram because it cannot be tracked they have multiple accounts. Richard has not posted any more pictures of his girlfriend because she knows about it now and they are still a couple. Richard does not want her to know what he was doing behind her back so he stop putting her pictures up but they are using her family member still creating multiple profiles.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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