Scam report about Svetlana 

First name:  Svetlana
Age:  45
Location:  Kharkov, Ukraine
On websites:  multipal sites
Report:  This lady promises relationship and then giving multipal sad stories of her problems from needing tv repaired to must have wifi service so she can communicate. Also has a daughter she uses to help justify her needi g money. She she sees multipal men and will disappear for days. And then say she was in hospital and her daughter says she was on business trip,but she has no job! She continues to ask for money and gets angry if you say no. Be carful she got to me and i list thousands of dollars in gifts and money. She is very hot tempered and argumentative if she does not get her way. Be carful with this one! Also the pictures posted on dating site is nothing what she actually looks like!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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