Scam report about Emilly Harold

First name:  Emilly
Last name:  Harold
Aka:  Patricia_love
Age:  30
Location:  Ghana Accra
Email:  Unkwown
On websites:  Skype
Report:  African Scammer, Try to cheat me out off money. I am a South African myself and smelled the rat quickly. Thanks to this site I did confirm my suspicions. Watch you tube : Tip in Josie Ann Miller. I am sure the girl or MAN!!!!! behind this is a black African living in Ghana. Very very clever. She contacted me on Skype and ask for donations for a orphanage off 188 children. Her father was a Christin missionary from Libanon and started the orphanage. Unfortunately both parents died in a car accident and she had to take care off the orphanage for the last three years now. The amount was first a amount off 250 Euro for Internet facilities. She claims her money only comes from donations, because I am Religious man and believe GOD wants us to help people in need... I wanted to help. She could not supply me the necessary detail I required. That is how I ended up on this site

Status of report:  is still without proof

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