Scam report about Mary 

First name:  Mary
Age:  33
Location:  Surigao Philippines
On websites:  Christian Cafe
Report:  This lady sent me a wink message on 27/12/15. She hasn't been on since 1/1/16. What's happened here is she is probably on a casual membership. One can join for free for a few days. The problem with her is she is much younger and with children which I don't want now because of my age. She also indicates she might want more children. She would have also read my profile in any case what I wanted in a female partner. She also writes on her profile she just may be willing to relocate. She would realise I wouldn't want to leave a western country to live in a third world one like hers. My guess is she got someone to write back to her and is now corresponding with the man on private e_mail only of course to fleece him out of money. She could be married to begin with. I'm sure the person is a scammer for the reasons mentioned. I never bothered to answer her to begin with. If you want a career in scamming send better pictures and don't have children to begin with if you decide to write to me. In any case I don't send money to people I don't know. You wanted something from me so I'll put a picture of you in here. You see I'm a kind person wanting to please.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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