Scam report about Bertha Kinder

First name:  Bertha
Last name:  Kinder
Aka:  Clarence Ahrman, berthakinky
Age:  18
Location:  USA, Virginia, Alexandria
On websites:
Report:  Bertha Kinder AKA AKA Clarence Ahrman. I joined and got an icebreaker from her. Her profile listed she was in Alexandria VA just like me. I messaged her back and she requested to have my personal email because she claims she only had free account, which I now know is a lie because you can't communicate With a free member if you are a free member, which I gave her. She emailed me and thanked me for providing it. We talked for a while and got all the way up to planing our first session. When we got this far she sends me a message saying I need to buy a kit for our sessions. She gave me an account number, routing number, and bank account owners name. She told me she uses a specific store that she has been using all her life, which is a lie because you can't buy things from a porn store if you are under 18, when she is only 18 years old she claims. She told me that she knows the owner very well. She mentioned that once I send the money and send her a copy of the receipt, which you can't get a receipt from a bank transfer, she would send it to the owner of the store and order the kit. That's when I stopped and realized that she is a scam.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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