SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Tatiana Nikitina

First name: Tatiana
Last name: Nikitina
Aka: pupa56577
Age: 29
Location: Moscow or Vologda region, Kuryanovskaya
Phone: +7 499 346 4186
Email: or
On websites: Adult Friend Finder (briefly) then closes account down.
Report:     Met Tatiana Nikitina on Adult Friend Finder site. Her alias was pupa56577. She initiated contact with me with a profile setup in Australia, but then advised me when we started writing that she was actually in Russia. I thought having a pen pal would be kind of cool. Little did i know... Spent 3 months corresponding with the intent of her coming to Australia on a tourist visa. There was always an excuse for not giving out detailed information to me. No Phone, No computer, had to go to internet cafe, could not scan or copy anything or take pictures etc... She did not want to be embarrassed by asking anyone else etc... She initially said she had money to start the process off for coming to Australia. Approx $600, but she needed $900 more. She went to the bank and got the rest of the money herself through a loan. Money issues came up for visa, air line tickets, customs needing proof she could sustain herself, must pay bank loans ($900 she took out initially) out before being granted visa to leaving Russia etc... Money requested was sent through MoneyGram and collected by Lyudmila Nekrasova. The money I sent was small amounts which slowly grew. Beware! She will give you the very personalized approach to suck you in. I Lost $2700 U.S over 2 transactions. The final outcome was that she needed another $1800.00 to satisfy customs that she could sustain herself as she needed a total of $3600.00 U.S. I initiated a Private investigator which exposed the truth. Photos I believe are not her. They are stolen from other sites i suspect.
Status of report: is published in main database with photos