Scam report about Sandryuhina Alena Vladimirovna

First name:  Sandryuhina Alena
Last name:  Vladimirovna
Aka:  Alena
Age:  28
Location:  Russia, Balakovo
Email:  Sun Alena , Alena
Report:  She initiated contact. However it was initially for another recipient but had ended up in my inbox. I don't know what website it was for. First letter received on 6 Jan 2016. Last letter sent by me on 11 Feb 2016. Haven't got a reply since. I didn't really notice anything too out of the ordinary. However, talk of professed love and family life came early in correspondence. As I am actually on a few dating sites and actually looking for a wife and to start a family I didn't find this out of context though. No money has been asked for. I have yet to get a reply from my last letter. But I have seen on your site the exact letters sent to me. Obviously with a few tweaks here and there. I don't believe it is the woman in the photos I've been sent that is the scammer. But I do know someone is definitely trying to scam innocent men.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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