Scam report about Laura Smith

First name:  Laura
Last name:  Smith
Aka:  Marilyn Anne Lane
Age:  35
Location:  Accra, Ghana
Address:  C12/4 kanda high way
Phone:  233268217238, 233560475596, and 233240946653
Email:  Couldthisbelove0@gmail and
On websites:  Cougars
Report:  I first got introduced to Laura on December 10- 2015 and have had this going on till today when she asked for 1600 more and that after this if something happens that she did not make it I would not need to send any more will the deal is because she I'd such a good manipulated at what she does that I all ready sent over 7500 boy what a fool of me, even when I saw her pictures on this site and brought it up to her she would say it was other women using her pictures to get ahead and that it was not her doing everything this sit said about her and she was convincing because of me having pictures of her holding signs that said it was her the real person I believed it. She also during our time confused to being used as a prostiutute because her dad was killed by gangsters and owed money to them so they took her so she could repay the money and this was done in 2001 till 2012 when a lady from the place she was at helped her excaped and she also brought up how during getting her visa that I sent money for and that it had a health part she had to pass that it came up that she had HIV/AIDS and didn't know how I would take this but being the person that I am I told her her past is her past and that illnesses can still be overcome with modern medicine so this is the type of person that everyone will be dealing with if you let her manipulate you too, I would strongly be ware she is very good at what she does and how she can talk you into anything and make you feel sorry for her besides if she can say she has all this wrong with her wither true or not then come on you have to be a fool to and now I have to just move on and neve trust someone on the net again I'll stick to the women I can see for my own eyes it's just not worth it!! L

Status of report:  is still without proof

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