Scam report about Olesya prekrasnaia

First name:  Olesya
Last name:  prekrasnaia
Age:  27
Location:  Dergachi, Kharkov Region
Phone:  380-66-655-0557
On websites:  not sure
Report:  This girl is Olesya Predrasnaia and is from a small city in the Eastern Ukraine. She was another girl from a dating site that emailed me. I did ask which site she was from but she could not recall as she was on a few of them. I too was on too many to know if I gave her my email address. We emailed each other, sent many photos and I began calling her on her phone a few days a week. I had an international account that was not expensive so I called her often. I offered to visit her, but she said her city was very small and boring. I looked it up and it was just a small boring town. It was advised to me by my travel agent not to go there as it was not safe due to the Russian conflict and possible civil war. I thought maybe we could met in another place. She sent me a couple suspicious photos that did not look like the others and she was upset when I mentioned it. She became defensive and hung up the phone a couple times because I said she was a possible scammer. After a few days we spoke again and she sent me a sexy photo of her in a bikini. I wrote her a nice letter about my travels to Mexico and told her if she wanted I would take her there. She wrote back and sent me a phony invoice for a $3000 trip to Barbados. The travel agency was listed so I called the number and there was no answer. The agency name did have a website but with a different address and phone number from the agency in her own city! I did not write back but have all her photos and the fake travel invoice. I also have a passport scan which I am sure is fake. I know it is very easy to fake a passport in the Ukraine. So Olesya, I know you are a scammer. Luckily I did fall for your schemes. Beware guys she is sexy and very smart. HERE IS ONE OF HER PHONY SCAM LETTERS: Darling, if you wanna come to Ukraine, I would love to meet you in person. However, you know that my experience with men is sad and I have heard many stories of men coming to Ukraine to a woman once, spend time with her and never come back! Because here everything is cheap, and it's handy to come here, have a nice holiday with a woman and return home to wife and kids! Something like a Disneyland for the grown-ups... Darling, I want you to see my point... I just wanna' be sure that it's not gonna happen to me! I'm afraid to make a mistake so much... I don't wanna' be disappointed in you because I won't get over that after my heart being torn apart...0f course I trust you because after talking to you on the phone I WANT to trust you, but darling, how can I be sure that you are serious about me if I have never seen you in the flesh! Darling, I know that you care for me and that's why, you will understand my position and agree with it... So please, if your intentions are serious, lets meet on your territory. Hello, John Darling, you say that you sit here waiting for me to come to you... This is wonderful, however, it means that I should handle all the trip issues myself... Darling, I earn 100 USD a month and just can't afford paying for everything myself! And I don't have such friends or relatives who could lend me those money... John, you say that you will refund me a half of the summ as soon as I arrive to the US, which means that you still don't trust me... I don't know why I deserved that! I gave you all my feelings and fondness, and what do I finally have in return?... You say that only a stupid man would transfer money to anybody... Well, when you say that you are single and wait for me, I believe you, and there's no way I can check this out! I just trust you unconditionally because I believe that a man who sang me serenades on the phone just couldn't decieve me! And I expect that from you as well! My role is to prepare all the documents, to find money for this, to leave my family here and come to you, your role - is only waiting... I think it is not fair! You do not appreciate I'm leaving everything here just for you, I'm not a plastic Barbie doll which is possible to buy. I know that my trip to you is rather expensive but I proposed to share the costs. To my mind, it is a guaranty of my honesty and really deep feelings. I do not want to make any business contracts with you as I think a man who loves his woman should help her without any remind. If you do not trust me and you have doubts in something, I'm not going to fight anymore because my time is precious. I really wanted to meet with you and I have told everyone that I met such wonderful man by name John and all my family and friends were very happy for me. I was ready even to fly to the moon just for you. You simply don't realize what a big step I was going to take JUST FOR YOU. It doesn't matter how much the trip costs, I do not care about money at all. If you don't trust me, if you don't love me, if you don't need me, just let me go. Please, don't break my heart, let us not waste our precious time. I'm tired to convince you in my feelings because I see your heart is closed for me. I really don't want to hear that I should borrow money from friends as I really don't have such opportunity, I thought as a couple we would find the way out. If you really want me to be with you, I guess you will find how to make it work. Hello my love! John, thanks for the pictures) you look so gorgeous and it feels like you are really on holiday!) Honey, I went to the travel agency today and they have chosen a wonderful trip for us! They offer Silver point Villa hotel for 1300 USD for 2 people for 7 nights. It is Barbados island. When I had a wee look at it, I fell in love at once! The sea is so beautiful, and the sand seems to be something created on purpose to make love at!.. Here I attach the pictures, it is something unbelievable! Of course it cannot be even compared to the pictures you sent me, but for me the fact that I will be there with you is enough! Honey, I really liked everything and I think you're gonna' like it as well!) My darling, as you know, I also need 300 USD on the passport. And the agency offers the return ticket for me for 950 USD, however, they promised to reduce the price on 900 USDif we buy tickets in March, as it's gonna' be a time for the price rollback! My love, I cannot wait to hold you in my arms! I would travel like you told me, in a briefcase with holes without any papers! I'm joking honey) I want you to know that I totally rely on you! I know that you are my man and you won't let me down) And here I attach a picture of my cat which you were asking me for) Hi John! Darling, here I attach the invoice for our trip. It includes the return ticket for me which is 900 USD, the hotel reservation for 7 nights for the two people which is 1300 USD and the passport for me which is 300 USD. Sweetheart, please note that the airfare is 900 USD return, so it's 450 USD one-way! You are right honey, Barbados is a great choice, and I feel that this time is gonna' be unforgettable for us) And, by the way, the agency representative told me that this price for the hotel reservation is valid till the end of the March only! So, if we hurry up, we can get this bargain) Here's the photo you were asking me for)

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