Scam report about Veronika Bastrakova

First name:  Veronika
Last name:  Bastrakova
Aka:  she is on your site and has a bunch.
Age:  31
Location:  Buzuluk, and Moscow, Russia
On websites:  sent me an email from what site i don't know.
Report:  I am writing you from Moscow! I rented a room in the apartment. The landlady is a very good woman. I will write you the address, which is now settled. My address in Moscow: 115407, Russia, Moscow, Nagatinskaja embankment 46/3-34. John, today I visited embassy and airport. In the embassy I filled out all the documents for the visa. I liked that the visa center has friendly people, I saw the consul, he walked down the hall and shook hands with all, he is a very serious man and courteous man. Helped me absolutely everything, I gave all the necessary documents, I also took photographs for visa. Now I am looking forward to my visa. I met a girl and asked her how long it takes to get a visa, she said that now everything is done quickly, since a lot of people who wish to obtain a visa and for this, the embassy is much faster. The embassy told me that I should acquire 2 ticket. Airline tickets are needed to obtain a visa. The fact that the embassy staff must be exactly sure of the exact dates of my departure and return back to Russia and would like to note that the exact date on the visa. I thought that the tickets can be ordered via the Internet, but at the embassy said that now very strict rules and tickets are needed to fly the originals, and be sure to submit them for what would be in the embassy assured them that they could see my departure date in your country and return back to Russia. I was told that this is the main condition for obtaining a visa. I was very surprised to such rules, but I was told that it is important that fast to get a visa. Today, I personally visited the airport Sheremetevo-2 and considered the price of airline tickets, airline tickets a very large selection. My dear, we need to hurry up with the purchase of tickets, so tickets should be given to the embassy, that would be on my visa indicated dates of stay in your country. I considered cheap, the cost per ticket is 440 dollars. I need to have 880 dollars for two tickets so I could buy tickets. John, I did not want to ask you for money, but I bought a laptop, and as I have big expenses here in Moscow. Now I have no money to buy tickets. I paid at the embassy visa and medical insurance. I also pay for the stay in the room. I have now left little money, but the money I needed to live in Moscow. Can you help me to buy tickets? I have already told you that I should buy tickets in Russia, for that would at the Embassy assured my tickets. Today, I also visited the bank, I had to learn how I can get from your money quickly, as I was saying that the ticket prices are getting more expensive every day. On the internet I learned that you are out of their country can transfer their help to me very quickly, this system is called

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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