SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Ekaterina Maksimenko

First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Maksimenko
Aka: Katya
Age: 30
Location: Ukraine
On websites: Independent
Report:     First wants money for translation. Then for clothes and accessories . Then English lessons. . Chatted with her for almost a year. Found her on this site and her letters to other men matched my exactly except for name and a few words. Once I told her I could send her any money she stopped writing me . Don't be a fool like me. For someone who dose not have any money she always dresses very very nice and is always at very nice places. She will then ask for money for passport then want to come see you. Says she has no internet at home and can not write on weekends. So I sent her a letter not to write me anymore on a Saturday and she wrote right back. If you send her a message about not wanting her to contact you anymore she will respond very very fast . Again don't be a fool like me she is just playing you and wanting your money . Stop contact with her as fast as you can don't fall for her I will kill myself it's all about the money guys and that is the plain and simple truth!!!!!
Status of report: is still without proof