SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Nataliya Korneeva

First name: Nataliya
Last name: Korneeva
Age: 28
Location: Ukraine
On websites:
Report:     Be aware of a new Ukrainian scam technique. The girls are mostly but not exclusively from the Donetsk war zone. Firstly the y pretend to be willing to meet you anywhere and only ask for payment of your flight ticket, they deny being financially interested otherwise and just expect a gift for meeting them?.shortly after you booked her flight ticket she approaches you with a new Ukrainian Ministry of Defense law whereby the girl is required to have a certificate of non terrorism to be able to leave the country though Kiev airport. She request a payment of up to EUR 1?000 to her via Western Union to comply with the government requirement. Of course, you never see her or your money again. and have plenty of such Ukrainian women, so be carful.
Status of report: is still without proof