First name: Fawzia
Last name: Mamudu
Aka: Sarah
Age: Stevens
Location: Accra, Ghana
On websites:
Report:     Contacted me on Said she lived in Ghana and she wanted to find someone to marry. After a week of talking and exchanging pictures, she said her internet was going to quite and she needed $200 to connect her internet. I did not give her the money, and mysteriously she suddenly claimed to be at an internet cafe at midnight. Tried to Skype with her, but video seemed to be per-recorded, asked her to do specific things on camera, and she never did. Asked her to send a photo with specific words on it. It was clearly Photoshop, and I even identified the font that was utilized.n She is very patient, and very good. If it was not for this site, and a few flaws she made, I would have been duped. She kept trying to get exactly $348 dollars for her passport and police check.
Status of report: is still without proof