SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Elizabeth Liz Pelaelo

First name: Elizabeth Liz
Last name: Pelaelo
Aka: Elizabeth Keabetswe Nakhabenyane
Age: 25
Location: Botswana
Phone: 26774074542
Email:, &
On websites:
Report:     I believe that I am a victim of K1 VISA Fraud (however not filed because I came to my senses) Met on Facebook and she wanted to marry within 45 days of talking. I was lots older and she was 24 years old in Botswana Africa and has a 3 year old son who she claimed she has no idea was the father. She claimed to Love me like no other man she ever met. She asked for money and I sent it many times and was just feeling great because she was beautiful and young. she lured me into sexual conversations and would claim she was so in love with me that she wanted to get married ASAP.
Status of report: is still without proof