Scam report about Anistasiya Vladimirovna Shabdarova

First name:  Anistasiya Vladimirovna
Last name:  Shabdarova
Age:  36
Location:  Pervouralsk
Phone:  +79227065979
On websites:  Zoosk
Report:  Very persistent, plausible and intricate scam. Her profile appeared briefly on UK Zoosk where she sent a message requesting my email address which I gave. At this stage I did not know she was Russian. Then began 2 weeks of grooming me. I received very detailed emails from her about her life, job, family, friends etc and she seemed genuinely interested in my life. Romantic dialogue started pretty much from the very start. I received several photos, a video clip, 2/3 voice recordings and 4/5 phone calls from where she said was her local Post Office. I even received a call from who she said was her father. He supposedly just wanted to ensure I was genuine and would look after her when she came over to visit me in Scotland. We communicated about meeting each other and of course she came to be quite insistent that she had to come over to visit me rather than vice versa. Then of course the email came requesting ?269 to help with visa costs with sob stories of being short changed from her work and her father, friends, boss, etc could not assist with lending her money. I have today stopped communications completely now I am completely satisfied she is phony. Her latest email contained quite a marked tonal shift from sob to quite confrontational and abrupt. I have all the photos including ones of her holding up a driving licence and passport. Let me know if I can send these on to you in an effort to stop others being deceived.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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