Scam report about Gianna Garcia

First name:  Gianna
Last name:  Garcia
Age:  32
Location:  Toronto Canada
On websites:  Plenty of Fish
Report:  I met this lady on Plenty of Fish we exchanged a few emails then she sent me the next emails !st Scam email Gianna Garcia Hello My Love, How are you doing? Honey I have you in my mind all day and I wish I was just home with you right now, Honey I am sending this email to let you know that I got to Africa but there is a big problem right now... Yes I do get to Africa but we got robbed by the taxi man who picked me and my boss up at the airport, He was not a real taxi man he was a real armed robber with a gun with him. He took all we have and my boss try to fight him, he shot my boss and he is in hospital now.. I have fine a way to get to my boss younger sister and grandma, I just want you to know that he is in a very bad condition right now and both his grandma and his sister (Christy) are there with him at the hospital.. Well I am fine & okay but I got some little injury but I have been taking care of in the hospital.. In the attachment are my boss and myself picture at the hospital bed, I've cried all my face has turn red :(( I really did tried to force myself to smile but if you look deep into my inner self, you will feel the pains am experience.. I'm still suffering from the headache :((( I just got back to the motel now and I will try to come online latter to talk with you... Honey, I really feel like I don't have a life any more.. I am not happy right now but every time I think about you and the great love and family you have for me and i do remember that there is someone that care for me.. This really gives me hope and joy honey.. Honey you all the hope and joy I have now and you all that makes me happy and gives me hope now honey. Honey, I do love you with all my heart ... Kiss with you so much love my love Yours Faithfully Gianna 2nd email Gianna Garcia Attachments7:08 PM (12 hours ago) to me My love I was not happy because the hotel manager bang into my room and take my travel passport, he took the passport because of the bill that I owe him and I feel very sad and do not know what to do, he took it legally, here in Africa the rich are above the law and no one can tell them what to do, I hope you understand that I have no option than letting him have my passport because he knows that is very Important to me, Honey I need the sum of $510 to pay for my motel bill return flight leaves tomorrow but the hotel manager won't let me leave until I've have the bills settle :( have been crying so hard i don't know what to do, please my love, i really need your little assistant to settle my hotel bill and find my way back home to you I hate to ask for this but i can't keep silent forever my love.... please i really do need your love right now and i want to be with you.. crying.. I will forward you my flight details right after this email for you to be sure of what i'm saying.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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