Scam report about Lulyia Stalnykoba

First name:  Lulyia
Last name:  Stalnykoba
Age:  27
Location:  Berezovo Khanti Mansi
On websites:  Match.coml
Report:  Lists email address in profile.Says she's a music teacher.Walks to library every day in order to mail you.Has no cell phone.Says she has a land line but can't call out of her city.Doesn't have a computer. Cannot send recent pictures.Answers most letters in detail doesn't ask for money but falls in love with you and promises you the fantasy of true love waits for you to offer help to bring her for a meeting.I talked to her for 3 months and then she dissappeared after I got a email from her that didn't look like she wrote it. After I mentioned this to her she was gone.Would not agree to send letters or packages through postal service claiming her mail service was horrible.Never gave me her home address.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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