First name: Elena
Age: 28
Location: Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia
On websites: YAHOO.COM
Report:     Hello. Casey I am glad to receive your letter. I waited for him impatiently. I thought you write to me or write. And when have seen that letter is happy. Even my mood has improved. I hope that you, too, I am looking for a serious relationship. In the end, I want to tell you right away that I do not look just sex or flirting. I want to find a serious relationship only. As you probably already know, my name is Elena and I'm 28 years old. I live in a small village called Eral . My village is located in the Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia. In my village, lives about 400 people. Casey I work nurse in the therapeutic section. Doing dressings, give tablets. Care for the sick. But mostly all go to a big city hospital. I went to work after college. I send from home to boarding school education in the College of Medicine. Then select a room and now I live here and work. Casey my parents I would never see. And do not know. At boarding school did not say anything. I tried to learn, but nothing was able to learn. Neither of the brothers or the sisters, about any relatives. I have many friends and acquaintances. Casey I have decided to get acquainted through the Internet, because we do not stay in the village of normal men. All alcoholics or already married. Others went away. I'm tired of living alone. And I heard on TV that can communicate over the Internet. And then live together happily ever after. And I decided to try it. Casey I probably have a lot to write and you are tired to write. What interests you? Ask. Will send a photo? I studied English in school and college. I hope you understand me. Waiting for your answer Casey how do you like my photos? Like it? Elena
Status of report: is still without proof