First name: Lynda
Last name: Cameron
Aka: lynda079 , lynda0070
Age: 25
Location: London, Cologne
On websites: Mingle 2, Skype
Report:     Approached via Mingle 2 (user id Lynda079) and then moved to Skype (id: Lynda0070). Had a cam conversation with an English girl with an accent from the Manchester area. The only pciture I have is from her skype profile which I will send in. The conversation quickly moved to a request for money and language that was clearly not written by an educated english person. Here's the skype conversation: [12:50:52] LYNDA cameron: Okay thinking Saturday is better [12:54:03] Andy Wooler: I am unfortunately tied up this weekend. [12:54:14] Andy Wooler: But I have to be in London on 4/5th [12:54:28] Andy Wooler: you have your own place, right? [12:55:00] LYNDA cameron: No I live with my family [12:56:09] Andy Wooler: If i chose a hotel near you, that could work. My meetings are in the City so as long as i am near a tube I'm good [12:57:22] LYNDA cameron: Okay no problem [12:58:06] LYNDA cameron: You need send me money for my hair and buy dress and shoes [12:59:23] Andy Wooler: you will not need clothes Lynda and I will be messing your hair up anyway...... [13:02:12] LYNDA cameron: I ask you [13:02:20] LYNDA cameron: You can or not [13:02:59] Andy Wooler: Not, this is how these dating scams work. It is a shame you had to do that so soon. [13:03:48] Andy Wooler: so, you get the nice girl to do the video and then leave the ongoing scam to someone else? [13:03:51] Andy Wooler: clever [13:04:04] LYNDA cameron: Okay you don't need girl [13:04:16] Andy Wooler: you are clearly not english [13:04:36] LYNDA cameron: Ok [13:04:41] Andy Wooler: unlike whoever I spoke to on cam the other night [13:04:47] Andy Wooler: ncie try [13:04:50] Andy Wooler: nice
Status of report: is still without proof