SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Juliana Serikova

First name: Juliana
Last name: Serikova
Aka: Yuliana aka Julia aka Juli aka
Age: 29
Location: Ukraine - Lugansk - Kiev
On websites: -
Report:     She lives in Kiev, but she is using her former hometown Lugansk to tell how hard it is to live in a warzone with a child and she need help to go to kiev to her family. It start like in all other cases with sweetw rods and how much she like me and so on and after a while she start to tell how hard it is to live with a child in the warzone and she only have wishes to go to Kiev to her family but she can?t affort this travel and she was quiet good to convince me about her stuation and i help her and she came to Kiev and after that it start agian about how hard and exspensive it was to live in Kiev and a lot of accusations about what a poor man i was because i didn?t want to help her and her child and my man things was just like zero, yes she was a some piece of experience.
Status of report: is published in main database with photos