Scam report about OLESYA LESIA KOFYUN

First name:  OLESYA LESIA
Last name:  KOFYUN
Age:  32
Phone:  79058809419
On websites:  LAVA PLACE
Report:  She has been writing to me for two years and a half,I have sent her $3000 for a tickets,but she never came.She claimed that she has lost the money through the Agency and that she wants more.I told her that I would send her an electronic ticket and she refused,she only wants cash.I haven`t sent her any money for the past year and a half because I felt that she just stealing from me.She has sent me more than a thousand love mail and very beautiful photos (all photos have the same person and that deceived me).She even held a not with my name and date along with her facial photo to prove that she was the one!.She even sent me an agreement signed by her and her both parents.She used to call me for one minute only many times,but she never answered when I called her.When I asked her to talk through SKYPE she got mad.I am glad I found her at the scammer page even though Its kind of too little too late,but I hope I can help the other before its too late!:

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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