Scam report about Anita Yalley

First name:  Anita
Last name:  Yalley
Aka:  yalley beautiful, fati.g 72
Age:  30
Location:  Ghana
On websites:  Skype. Google hangout
Report:  This one takes the cake. She contacted me on Skype and we chatted a little then she sent me pics to my e-mail account.She sent me 2 pics that she said were her but by accident there was another pic of another woman sent with the pics. I told her that the pics she said was her had been around for years and I had already seen them. I asked who the other woman was and she said it was just someone at the beach that day. I already knew it was a scam so I played alone. I made the comment that I would screw the woman she said was at the beach that day in a heartbeat.The next time we talked she sent pics of a woman that looked almost like the woman at the beach and said it was her. So I told her that I would choose this woman since I had a choice of 3.We talked a few days while she pretended to be this woman and then I told her not to contact me again. That is when she said she was ready to black mail me on social media with my pics and videos. I don't have videos at all. I just told her to go ahead it would make me famous. Haven't heard from her since. I will send pics of all 3 women they are using but I do not know if the sight will post all 3. Be careful with this one and do not share anything she Could black mail you with.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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