Scam report about MEREKE BEKZHANOVA

First name:  MEREKE
Last name:  BEKZHANOVA
Aka:  passionate lionessn
Age:  30
Location:  KARAGANDA
Report:  THIS PERSON ONLY KNOWS ME AS LEE, THERE HAVE NOT GOT MY ADDRESS OR KNOW WERE I AM FROM THERE ALSO DO NOT HAVE A PHOTO OF ME OR KNOW HOW OLD I AM YET THERE ARE IN LOVE WITH ME WHAT A JOKE ... NOW ASKING FOR MONEY TO BE WITH ME I FEEL SORRY FOR THE PERSON IN THE PHOTOS HOW DO I PUT THE PICS ON THIS SITE Hello, my passionate lion, Lee! Thank you for what you're near me. You are dear to me, and at this stage of my life, I live only for you. I'm sorry, but I think that we need to finish our conversation. This is a very unpleasant and painful decision for me. I do not want you to suffer. You became my very dear man, but I see no other solution. Circumstances forced me to take such a decision. Now, I am in Astana and I am writing you from internet cafe. I successfully made it to Astana, but I have a problem without solving that, I can not come to you. We are talking about a small amount of money. I am ashamed to ask for your financial support. I will not do it. Therefore, I decided to finish our conversation, because I do not want you to think badly of me. I tried to solve the problem on their own, but I can not. I think that you refuse to help me. I think you will blame me, and your trust in me fade away. I do not want to hear the shouts and insults from the person to whom I have a warm, loving feelings. My heart will be broken. I am totally confused, my angel, Lee. I am extremely afraid of losing you. I was left alone in a completely unfamiliar to me the city. This is terrible. I feel so bad now, I shake hands and trembling voice. Tears to my eyes. I do not know what to do, I think, that you do not help me and turn me away. Please understand that I do not want to hear from you insults and accusations. Please do not tell me bad words. I look forward to your letter with the thoughts about it. I am very afraid of losing you, and in my heart I believe that you will agree to help me. You're a wonderful man, we have already built a huge plans for our future. Is this all just be destroyed in an instant? I do not want, and I will not believe it. You should always leave positive hope. I'm sure we necessarily succeed. Do you agree with me? During our conversation, I very much got used to you, and I want to be with you in real life. I want a passionate, wild and long sex with you, my angel Lee. I want to feel your dick in my wet pussy. I want you to roughly spanked my ass. I'm burning at the thought that soon you come to me. Now, all in jeopardy and I'm very upset. Probably that I was so stupid, thinking that I was the happiest woman in this vast world. But, despite no matter what, I will pray to God and believe in what you are going to help me. Know that you are the best! I look forward to your reply. Your passionate lioness, Mereke. Hello, my passionate lion, Lee! Regardless of your decision, I am pleased to see your new letter. You always are in my heart and mind. You occupy the first place in my life. I can not just finish our relationship, so I found the strength to tell you what happened to me. I was in an unpleasant situation from which, I hope you can help me find a way out. You're the only road for me a man who can understand and listen to me. Now, I will try to explain in more detail what is my problem. In fact, everything is not so difficult, but without solving the problem, I just do not release from Kazakhstan. We live in different countries, we are separated by different languages, different laws, different traditions. I hope I can find the right words to explain the essence of the problem. Need to address this issue urgently, because before my departure is little time left. With your permission, I will begin. As many people in our country - Kazakhstan, the mind does not understand why, as always warn about everything at the last minute. The whole problem is that I have a public debt for an apartment - unpaid bills for water, gas, electricity and so on. Citizens who fail to pay off debts to public services, have no right to travel outside of Kazakhstan before the time, until the debt is paid off in full. The amount of my debt is 570 US Dollars. In my purse was 120 US Dollars, which I left out of pocket expenses. I had to give my last money for the payment of my debt. But now, I'm still obliged to pay 450 US Dollars, or I simply will not be released from Kazakhstan. This law was passed in our country recently due to the fact that many people go abroad and left huge unpaid bills. Therefore, utilities had to wait a long time until the citizens do not come back. That's why I got into this situation. I just did not know that for non-payment of municipal debts will not release me from Kazakhstan. My trip abroad will be long, that's why I need to pay my debts urgently before my departure. I tried to find money in Astana, but I've got no friends and even acquaintances here. I tried to ask for money from the internship program, but authorized agents told me that, to their great regret, they do not engage in personal benefit for the citizens. They are involved in the payment of only those conditions that were included in the contract. Therefore, the problem I am obliged to decide. I'm extremely upset, I do not know what to do. I have no way out of this terrible situation. My prince, you're my only hope for help! Now only depends on you, our joint future. I will definitely return you this amount of money, as soon as I get the first salary in your country, but first I need to take off from Kazakhstan. As I told you before, my first salary payment within 2-3 days after I arrive in your country. I hope for your understanding, trust and support. I am sure that we will not be a barrier, this small amount of $ 450 US Dollars, and you can help me. I want to implement all of our sexual dreams. Need to hurry, my angel Lee. The faster you can help me, the sooner I can fly to your country. It is very difficult to find the right words. I am very afraid of losing you. I hope you can help me, I'm sure of it. My passionate lion, I learned that you can send money via Western Union. This system is the most reliable, easiest and fastest way to transfer money. This is exactly what we need now. At the end of this letter, I will give you all the information necessary for the transfer of money. Find your nearest Western Union location in your town, on the official website - and visit them personally. Then, you will not have any problems when sending money. Please following the transfer of money, do not forget to tell me your personal data (your full name, city of dispatch), code of money transfer and money. Will be better and easier if you send me a copy of the form to send money. I'm really very sorry to have to ask for your help, but I have no other choice. You're the only relatives and close people to me who can help me now. Please do not forget that I'll give you 450 US Dollars from my salary I received in your country. I'm sure you do not leave me in this difficult situation - you are kind, gentle and caring man. We are made for each other and the money is just paper, for which you can not buy true love and feelings. Much more important is the spiritual wealth of man. I want to feel your dick in me resilient. I want you to come into my ass. I have never had anal experience. You're the first one who will be able to visit there. I am sure that we both enjoy. Now, my pussy wet at the thought that soon I will be in your arms and I can embrace your dick my lips. Do you love deep blowjob? I can swallow your whole dick, mmmmmmm, my lion, I'm looking forward to this moment. But without your help our sexual dreams will never come true. Please do not look at me selfish purposes. I'm not the kind of girl who pursues only personal gain. I'm trying for our common future, and you are very much needed me. The most important thing that you have had a desire to help me. We will be able to jump over the barriers together. Come on, we will be next to each other and make the most beautiful things in this world, holding hands. I am waiting with great hope your new letter to me as soon as possible. I send you the most passionate and sweet kisses! Your passionate lioness, Mereke! P.S. As I promised you, I tell you my personal data that would be required to transfer the money via Western Union: Country - Kazakhstan; City - Astana; Full data - Mereke Bekzhanova. So, I attach a copy of my ID card. Perhaps a copy of my ID card is required when sending money. Hello, my gentle lion, Lee! My angel, please tell me the exact date when you'll be able to help me. I am obliged to report this information to state bodies, so they gave me a deferment of payment of my municipal debt. I believe that very soon we will be able to taste our lips! I want to give you the most passionate and unforgettable night of love. You're an angel, which was presented to me by God! Photo from my personal archive to an end. I can not send you a lot of photos. Soon we will not need pictures, because we'll be together in reality. I want you! In this letter I want to dream a little bit about our next meeting: I'm out of the plane, you come to me, I affectionately embrace you and kiss you. I whisper in your ear how much I was waiting for our meeting. I'll tell you how much I love you! You will be able to smell my perfume. Then, we'll go to your house. On the way, we will be able to call the store to buy food for dinner. I can cook a great dinner for us: baked chicken, cheese and tomato sauce. I'm sure you'll like it! We light candles to create a romantic atmosphere. You open the wine, will play romantic music. We will sip and I'll give dinner. We will have dinner and talk about everything, not taking his eyes from each other. After dinner, you invited me to slow dance. We will not dance for a long time, since we have a sense of overflow. You start to kiss me tenderly and passionately. You're going to fondle my breasts, your arms will be released below my wet pussy. I will begin to remove your clothes. I'm kissing every centimeter of your body. I let go below and take off with your pants, hands begin to caress your dick resilient. At this time, I continue to kiss you passionately and sensually. Then, I lowered to my knees and eagerly grasped by the lips your sweet dick. I will hold on to your dick tongue over its entire length, and then to swallow it and feel like it starts to throb. We'll go to the bedroom, you will undress me. I go up to the window, open it. The street was dark and empty. The fresh air will blow out my hair. You you approach from behind and begin to caress me. You will begin to massage my tits and my pussy, I feel the warmth that comes from you. You come into me from behind, slowly and gently start to your movements. You're going to squeeze my tits in your hands. We will begin to move together in the same rhythm. First, we will deliver to each other pleasure slowly, and then faster and faster until it's orgasm I feel like your sweet cum fills me up inside. We move away from the window, you will lie down on the bed. I will caress your body, kiss your sweet dick. Then I sit down on you from above and we will continue. I will start to slide back and forth until you catch the rhythm of movement. Catching the right rhythm, I start to move faster. You're going to caress my nipples with his strong hands. With every minute I move on to your dick faster. It will take a few more seconds and we both feel great pleasure. This will be the most vivid and memorable orgasm in our lives. I lie down on your chest and will lie there for several minutes. Then we go into the shower. I want to wash your passion strong body, and you wash your mine. Then, we will go into the bedroom and fall asleep to the gentle embrace each other. I love you very much, my passionate lion, Lee! I want to be next to you. I need your love and affection, you kindled in my heart the fire of love that never goes out. I think only of you. You are always in my heart! I am sending you a million most tender and passionate kisses. I know that very soon we will be together. We will overcome any barriers and obstacles! Your passionate lioness, Mereke!

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