Scam report about mariama addo

First name:  mariama
Last name:  addo
Age:  30
Location:  accra, ghana
On websites:  hooked up affairs
Report:  i was perusing hookupaffairs and an IM arrived telling me to meet her on google hangouts. she initiated the contact with me. so, i went to hangouts and she sent me a pic of a woman about 30 and said se was singl and lookingfor her soul mate. i'm 73 and told her so. she said age didn't matter she liked me i told her that someone in ghana had said the same things and theen wanted me to send money. she said she'd neve ask for a penny. in the space of three day she wanted to be with me forever and would come to me. i said no, i'll fly to you. she then asked for $380 for hotel because hotel only takes cash. i did a check and it's true. however, like most hotels you pay on checkout, not check in!

Status of report:  is still without proof

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