Scam report about Valentina Lisak

First name:  Valentina
Last name:  Lisak
Age:  28
Location:  Ukraine, Lugansk
Address:  Lugansk, Dzerginskogo St. 15, apt. 26
Phone:  380 734 854 216
On websites:
Report:  Yes the lovely Valentina has asked me for money passport and visa.I sent her $500 for her passport.Then she told me it was a $1000 for her visa. I did some checking and found her on this site doing the same scam to another gentleman from Sweden.She doesn't want you to buy her plane ticket online because she claims there are many bogus online ticket scams and its best to send her the money so she can buy the ticket herself. She is a scamming little bitch!!!! She writes the most beautiful letters with wonderful sweet words to melt your heart. She works in the home for the elderly and does volunteer work in orphanages. She makes you believe she is a gift from heaven but she only wants the money!! I think we as men have to realize any of these glamorous women for Ukraine and Russian claiming they can't find a man is bullshit!Most of these women have boyfriends and are fake! Good luck everyone and hold onto your money!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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