Scam report about Lyubov Romazanova

First name:  Lyubov
Last name:  Romazanova
Age:  29
Location:  Yaransk Russia
Address:  2a-57 Yubilenaya Street Yaransk
Phone:  +7 937 965-45-08
Report:  This girl emailed me having discovered my details on some site she could not remember where.She seemed very genuine and told me a lot about herself , family, work, friends etc. We even shared the same birthday. Lots of photos or her in various locations. She did look attractive. I told her at the outset I never send money to someone I don't know and never met as I hada suspicion she could be a scammer. She told me she had a prestigious job in private pensions and had no nefarious intentions and did not need any money. She could only email from work as her laptop was broken and she couldn't phone or text as her phone did not receive foreign calls A few emails later she had fallen in love with me and wanted to visit but she needed money for flights, and to travel Moscow to get a visa, which she did. My suspicions were confirmed when she told me that she had travelled by train to Moscow , a distance of 400 miles, found a room to rent, visited the British Embassy in Moscow and even did some sightseeing all in one day !! She then asked me to send by Western Union cash but as she had left her National Passport at home she would have to rely on her landlady to collect the money. Stupidly I sent her some money for the flights but then she asked for more as she said the U.K. authorities required her to have $2000 in her bank before she could be issued with the visa. At this point i told her my suspicions and confronted her with all the evidence against her. I also found her on a Geman scammers website with photos .Previously I had mailed her a small gift to the her home address but this was returned by the Russian postal authorities as not collected/undelivered

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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