Scam report about Lara 

First name:  Lara
Age:  31
Location:  Moldova, Russia
On websites:  Russian Dating
Report:  This report deals with Lara. I believe that she is a new scammer operating from Russia and she is very intelligent, few words, very suspicious and careful. She first contacted me via Russian dating, is not worried about our age difference and all of her family are dead, killed in the war, says she is very lonely like me and wants to marry an older man. She is using fake photos of a fashion model who I believe is Vilma Braskyte but I cannot be certain. I found other names for her on Russian Facebook where she calls herself Polina Oskar and Tatiana Trump. I am submitting this report early because I believe this one could be dangerous. I also believe from experience in reading their letters that this is actually a young woman attempting this scam. I shall however try to keep in touch with her.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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