SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Evgeniya Kutreyva

First name: Evgeniya
Last name: Kutreyva
Age: 40
Location: Russia Leninogorsk
Address: Russia, Leninogorsk (423250), Street Gagarina 16, Apartment 22 Kutyreva Evgeniya
On websites:
Report:     I do not know if this lady is a scammer,but it seems way too good to be true. 1.She initiated contact via a dating site called: 2.Her private email address was contained within the first message;asking me to contact her directly. 3.Correspondence started on 23/8/16 4.She sent me lots of photos of photos and two videos, and very quickly,witnin a week, had removed her profile from the dating site,and told me that she weanted to be with me only.She has told me that she loves me.Now,she is way too good looking to be unmarried at 40 (she looks younger),and,alhough you want to believe that this beautiful woman is interested in you(I'm 18 years older than her), my gut feeling tells me I'm being taken for a patsy.I should have been suspected that something was wrong when she canceeled her membership. All the way from Russia,and she chooses only me from an Irish Dating Site? 5. I just received an email today(5/9/16),she having,in previous emails,announced that she wanted to spend her holiday leave in Ireland with me,asking me for 284 euro to pay for her visa and travel documenrs to visit Ireland.She stated that she had put down a deposit of 75 euro with the travel agent: 'NUGA BEST' based in Leninogorsk(I could not find it listed on the net),but needed the remaining 284 euro to clear the balance.The money requested did not cover the airfare.I assume she will look for that once I sent the 284 euro.She said she couldn't afford the cost of the documents,then,how is she going to afford the airfare to Ireland?. 6. The name of the person requesting money was herself: Evgeniya Kutreyva 7. I have not sent any money.
Status of report: is still without proof