Scam report about Kathy Katarina

First name:  Kathy
Last name:  Katarina
Age:  57
Location:  Mississauga/Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone:  437-800-3043
On websites:
Report:  It started from a message sent to me on a date site called She had posted pics on the date site and notified me to send her my email address so she could communicate as she was going to delete her profile. They know they only have so much time before being discovered as scammers by the site. She sent me pictures and slowly began doing the same MO that this scammer, as well as many others do, with long articles of who they are and their morals. Then planned a trip overseas. This one was the import/export business where one go's overseas to collect things and has a problem with money one way or the other then progresses to ask for financial help. Very typical

Status of report:  is still without proof

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