First name: Laura
Last name: Smith
Aka: Hawa Ismail, Anne Monroe
Age: Laura, 36- Hawa, 32- Anne, 38
Location: Ghana
Address: Iroko st, newtown, Accra, Ghana apt#9
Phone: 233240946653 & 233240946653
On websites: Hangouts, and courgarhookups
Report:     I'm adding to a report from earlier cause of finding more info on this scammer, Laura as she used with me, but I found that a Hawa Ismail and a Anne Monroe so far are also using the same person to identify themself plus with Hawa Ismail the man who reported her/him that nude photos were sent which I received some myself, and that only shows that the person using these photos found photo of another porn site model, just like Laura the person this report is first about started using photos till my smart kids brought it up to me, plus at first when I came across the Janessa site and brought up to Laura the story then went to her being kidnapped and have to pay off a dead dads doubt and sold into prosititute for 11 years, so these scammers will use anything by means to try and draw you in, but I show all things to my kids cause they know dad has to much to lose, and their great at checking shit out cause it's their inheritance that will be lost!! Lol but now I stick to only what I can see with my own eyes and in my own country, I do not fell sorry for this shit or people of this nature!!
Status of report: is still without proof