Scam report about Ekaterina 

First name:  Ekaterina
Age:  37
Location:  rusia,ulianovsc
Phone:  +7 961 269 7540
On websites:  ????
Report:  03) Hello my honey, how are you? Tomorrow I'll write you a long letter, and now I need to go to the station to go home. Yesterday morning I arrived in Moscow, and I had an interview at the embassy about the visa. My interview went well, and today I pick up a passport with visa. I'm going to home in Ulyanovsk. Now my dreams are only about you and me, about our meeting, our first date. In the future we will be able to meet. I have a dream, how you will meet me at the airport with bouquet of flowers and tightly hug me, kiss me and calm down excitement! ohhh let slip! ;-) But I hope one beautiful rose! :-) I am now very worried, but I hope you soothe me. I just want to make your day was good. You to was safe, and that you met me in a good mood! And I will write you a letter from home. So I'll write you my cell phone +7 961 269 7540. And I'm asking you for the second(!) time your phone number. :) Ok, I'm done on this my message. I just want to hug you, and a gentle kiss. gently hug, Katya!!! P.s. Yesterday, I sent you two angels to protect your sleep. But they turned back and said that angels can not protecting angel! :) You are my sweet angel, with whom I will be happy! kiss 04) Hello, my honey! How are you? I hope you will be light Sunday and a wonderful weekend. I came home from Moscow. So it will be easier to plan for the future. On Tuesday I had an interview and I successfully passed it. I execute all documents and put a visa. Now I can go to you! Today I will be going to travel agency and will be booking travel. And I think in mid-September we will have a meeting. I was very lonely in Moscow, but I also watched a lot of beautiful places! When I was in Moscow, the time it seemed like an eternity. Around were some robots. 15 million robots. You know what I noticed? They constantly somewhere run. :) While I was in Moscow, I visited many beautiful places. I watched Gorky Park, visited two of the museum. Was in the Tretyakov Gallery. So he traveled to many interesting places. I have so far is a holiday, and we now hope to plan a meeting. Tell me please, how you doing? I hope you are well? What are you doing today? What are your plans for tonight? if you have the opportunity, please call me. And I can answer you! I really want to hear your voice! I asked for your phone several times, but you did not write. And I do not have a chance to talk to you about my journey. We need to be sure to talk about the meeting. I think communication is not enough letters. Write me please. Have a good day and I embrace. Your Katya 05) Good morning, my love, how are you? For me this morning is not very good:! ((( Now I went to the agency to draw up a tour for you. But I have difficulty paying tour. I am now very worried. And Because of this, I decided to write you a letter. And now try to explain to you my problem. I do not know what to do. I'm trying to find a way out situation. My love for flight conditions of Russia, there are certain conditions. I need to have a tour to travel to you. The price includes tickets, hotel, medical insurance. Since I have a tourist visa. The entire cost of the tour to come to you 1170dollars. But I was able to pay only 650dollars to start your reservation, trying to solve the problem of finding the rest of the money to pay for the tour. I paid part of the tour, but I can not fly to you. I have not all the money for the tour. I wanted to write you sooner but I can say?! It'S Nothing! ((( I speak with my parents. They said they would try to help me. I hope that everything will be fine. Now I will go to the office travel agency that helps me with visa. Maybe they can help me with a solution to the problem and find a way out of this situation. If all be well, soon we will have a meeting. I am very I want to see you now! Kitten, I really need you! I hope you have a nice day. How is your day? I wish you a nice mood, and my most tender kiss on your lips! Your Katya P.s. Please write to me, as you will be able ...

Status of report:  is still without proof

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