Scam report about Leigh Ann Hester

First name:  Leigh Ann
Last name:  Hester
Aka:  Doris Ann Mallotte Hester (deceased) Lauren Hester, Leigh Ann Hester, Rebecca
Age:  34
Location:  Afganistan
On websites:  Webdate
Report:  This report deals with Sgt Leigh Ann Hester. I received a message from her via Webdate this morning asking me to contact her at her gmail address urgently which I did. I received a gmail back from her telling me that she had something important to talk to me about and she would explain the details in her next mail. She also sent photos and a reverse mirror search provided lots of information regarding her saying that she had been highly decorated for services in Afganistan. All of her credentials checked out, she was indeed a war hero. Just one search turned her up as being a scallywag, I found her obituary, she has been dead since 2010. I also found her listed on several dating sites but there are no reports of her being a scammer. I am reporting this early because I believe that she is planning a scam on large scale as when I went back to Webdate she has deleted all of her details, obviously all of her potential victims have received a mail from her, and she is covering her tracks.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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