First name: Freda
Last name: Hams
Age: 42
Location: Hamburg, Leeds, Blackpool, Accra
On websites:
Report:     Introduces herself on match and suggests talk on Skype. Asks for ?10 O2 top up for her mobile phone as a taster for her. Then her Mum falls ill and she flies from Leeds to Germany to care for her Mum who needs a liver transplant, none of family will donate and the available donor wants ?5,000 paid to donate. She doesn't ask for all the money, started at ?500 I think and went down to ?200. Her Mum gets better and she agrees to come to England but gets stopped by securIty / customers because her Gran has given her a gold ingot to bring to England. Asks for money to get through customs. Then Gran gets caught in floods in Ghana and she needs money to get food for Gran. Gran dies and she flies to Ghana for the funeral. Needs money for food and then the hotel manager won't let her leave without paying her bill and she is put up for free but must pay her outstanding bill of ?200. Plus she is starving so more money for food is always gratefully received. So it goes on until she finally realises that she is not getting money anymore. Good looking, dark hair, lovely body, which she is happy to send pictures of plus goes on cam when she can borrow one.
Status of report: is still without proof