First name: nadezhda
Age: 29
Location: penza russia
On websites: Hi5
Report:     Hello my dear friend !!! I went to the post office. Sorry for the slight delay in response, I have a little time to answer you quickly. I am very pleased to receive your letter and read it carefully. Unfortunately I do not have Facebook, but we can communicate via Skype. I write your name on Skype. and I'll call you. I want to tell about yourself and your life a little bit, I hope you might be interested. as I wrote to you that I live in the city of Penza. I graduated from university and got a job as a consultant to the interior design. I work in a store. Now I want to tell you about my family. unfortunately I do not have brothers and sisters. My father's name is Anatoliy. his 73 years. birthday 07/06/1943. By profession he pedagok physical training at school. but is now retired. He lives not far from me. he has his own apartment. Unfortunately my mother died four years ago. I do not want to talk about it. it's not a pleasant subject for me. My friend, I want to tell you about my previous relationship. I hope that you read carefully and try to understand how I survive. My ex-man called Valera. It is the same with the city of Penza, and we met him in a cafe. On the first day of our meeting, he liked me, and I immediately gave him my phone number. He began to call me in the evening and we had many hours talking on the phone. I'm used to it through these telephone conversations and broke to love him in me. He himself worked in the police. He was an inspector of the central department of the rank of first lieutenant. Eventually he moved into my apartment and all was well with us. the first year I was happy with him, but then everything changed. He became a frequent drink vodka, hanging out with other girls, and I like a fool all forgave him and waited for him. But one day my patience came to an end and I told him it was over between us. I told him that I did not need a man, who in nothing puts me off. I told him that I was not a toy, and that I have a heart, and it hurts. He was very angry and told me in reply that I have myself come to him and went away from me. I was sick at heart, but I told myself that it was all over and did not go to him. I did not want to see him, because my soul was sad and afraid of those memories. but later I learned the news about him. Once in the cafe I met our mutual friend to him. We talked with him and he told me that he was expelled from work for drunkenness. Of course I was sorry for him, because he was an intelligent, decent man. But vodka ruined it, he became angry and treacherous man, because of the vodka his whole life went upside down. After this relationship, I told myself that I will no longer be bound by a Russian man and even more never will give my phone number, while I'm not sure in your partner. After all, the relationship began because of these constant conversations on the phone and that is why I now have the principle is not to give your phone number to anyone immediately. I also want to ask you to tell me about your life. I would be very interested in hearing about your experience in life. And of course I'm glad to see your pictures. very I'll wait for your letter. I want to wish you a good day and wonderful weekend. I kiss you on the cheek, if possible)). Your Nadezhda
Status of report: is still without proof