Scam report about Jessica Lake

First name:  Jessica
Last name:  Lake
Aka:  Helena
Age:  36 as of 9/28/16
Location:  United States
Address:  2225 lemon tree lane
Phone:  (762) 243-6803
On websites:  Google hangouts
Report:  This person calling themself Jessica Lake contacted me through my email, not sure how, I'm not advertising but I accepted to chat on hangouts, for four days and all the time I told her not to ask for money cause I don't buy women, she ignored but would say I understand you, then on fifth day she said her birthday was on September 28 this year(2016) would be 36 and what was I getting her, I said I'll send a gift, will it came down to sending gift to moneyGram at a different zip code then address and I also said moneygram is for money transfer not sending gift I'll use post office and then she said her brother which she lives with buys her everything she needs but wants money to buy her own gift(I wasn't born fucking yesterday why my money if brother buys everything WTF) so when I told her no of corse it went to I'm not trusting person then to I need a better man, so fair well get your better man Jessica is what I say maybe brother by the name Dennis Lake is husband!! Since this happened in the states I'm glad FBI has a fraud department!! Her email;, her address she used was 2225 lemon tree lane, York South Carolina 29745 But wanted money sent to a zip code of 29945 which is Yemassee, South Carolina which is 196.6 miles away but have no car!! Hum I guess money goes then gets disturbed through out the world plus her words are not clear English or she has no education!!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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