Scam report about Sylvia 

First name:  Sylvia
Age:  33
Location:  Ghana
On websites:  Look up google accounts
Report:  This woman Sylvia contacted me about a week ago saying she was interested in me when I don't know how these women getting my email plus they say they saw my profile but my info should not be out there, but the point is once I realized she was from Ghana I told her best of luck but I do not communicate with others outside my country, if I can't take I quick trip to see in person then I don't need the drama. So never gave her a chance nor will I ever cause I have found it's easy to do a google earth check on address of anywhere in the world and if you do your homework you will find that places in Africa for instance do not have houses nor building they claim pictures of them are, look not at the women but look at the background and you can pick up many flaws in a scam, just advice for anyone interested... otherwise have fun being scammed, oh by the way she supposedly lives w/ mom and sister

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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