Scam report about Anastasiya Levchenko

First name:  Anastasiya
Last name:  Levchenko
Age:  26
Location:  Ukraine, Odessa
Address:  Village Sanzheika, Odessa region, Ovidiopol district
Phone:  +380632702388
On websites:  Translates on, 100% scamsite.
Report:  Hello! I met this woman three years ago when she was interpreting for another woman I met. She was absolutely stunning and so classy and fancy. She made a great impression on me. She had an Ukrainian boyfriend then she said. I only had eyes for her but she did not look twice on me. Some year later I got hold of her email address and made a move on her. She was interested to go to The Maldives with me then but I could not just then. So another year went and I contacted her again and she was like another woman, totally changed. We decided she would come and stay with me in Sweden some months or so and as I trusted her and all her words in the book I sent her money to make a Visa to Sweden for 3 months. After a month had gone when it would said to be ready by her agency she could not give me a date or nothing that was accurate as I know about our visas and done them before. I then knew she was lieing about it all and have not done any visa. She even told me that the tickets must be bought by her at the agency in Odessa because the embassy don?t approve of another person buying her tickets...100% lie. She also told me she was going to the interview at the embassy in Odessa...The thing is that Odessa has no Swedish embassy it is in Kiev:) More over she said she must keep it hidden that she was going to me..!!?? It is quite the opposite! She had needed an invitation from me as she otherwise had to show an account with 53 euros for each day in Sweden plus paid hotel or apartment! During the time she started with her visa until I found out she was a scammer. The ordinary ticket and visa scam, she sucked me dry of all posible expenses as protection for having sex. She also had the usual very enticing words and pictures.. She costed me $ 2000 before I was 100% sure she was a genuine fake. That was a big disappointment for me compared with my first impression of her. I have a bundle of 100% proof of this scammer. I have emails and sms from phone every day and banktransfers and Moneygram receipts to her. This woman is really dangerous I think she can fool the devil himself:( All men out there beware of miss Levchenko! She keep lieing until the heaven falls down in her head and then keep on with her lies..

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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