Scam report about Cynthia Alexander

First name:  Cynthia
Last name:  Alexander
Aka:  Cindy
Age:  45
Location:  Charlotte, Florida
On websites:  Facebook
Report:  This is a fake profile online on Facebook. She used a fake pic to lure men of all ages to your evilness. When i confronted her about this she was refusing to tell me the real her. MY husband was on Facebook when this woman wanted to be friends with him. The woman put on her profile that my husband is in a relationship with her which i know is a freaking lie. Not only that but the woman does not have female friends and follows men only online. I contacted her sister and brother they told me nothing about this woman that the only thing is her pic is fake and she is not who she says she is. So this about pissed me off knowing my husband will be scammed by this toolish troll. I figured to fight back and get the information i can from this site about her i found out she claims she went to Veince High in Venice FL and she went to State college in Fl. That is okay that was true but what was not true is her pic and her age. I also seen pics of mug shots online that she was arrested for money laundering and drugs. This woman is going after vulnerable men with no hope for love right now he is looking for a friend because of a separation i went off on this twit. I told her how it was and what it was going to be i laid in to her. Jealousy no protective of my relatives and family yes. This woman would ask my husband for money for nails and lipstick. She would ask for money for gas and for food claiming she was abused with a PFA. I also found out from my teenager that she was crying over the webcam while she was online tell you daddy i need help please baby girl please. She drawled in my daughter into her twisted freaking messed up delusional lifestyle. We are not divorced and he is very well married this twit who looks like a porn model i know it is a fake pic and profile this woman has no real friends and no one on her friends list is female it is all men. I also know she hardly filled out her profile there is no relatives or personal friends that know this woman. I found out by three out of the nine men online she was scamming them. One of the three is a old timer he was not even her friend the twit was spying on him threw the periscope that Facebook has since they changed it to pirate talk. This woman also is kinda bad at grammar and English i seen on her video she has a Latin accent very sketchy and could not speak clearly. If she despised her voice that was weird the teenager who talked to this woman told me she looked like a crack head and her hair was messed up not only that but in the back ground you could hear a male saying did you sucker another one in. Did you Whore and then she went no it is the dads kid i am trying to get him to talk to me. When i heard this i about flipped. I signed into Facebook in my name sent her about 11 emails and warned all the men i seen on her friends list of the scam twat this woman is . Like i said only three contacted me back and one of them had no idea the other was confused and the other was okay thanks i did not know. This woman is a scam queen and after men who have no ways to fight back they are dumb enough to give over their wallets and hearts. Moronic morons no offence readers but if you obviously think a woman of this nature would contact you in anyway other then your wallet then you have a mistake coming to you. I figured she was a home wrecking skank. I also have a pic to share she is a 100 percent scammer she goes after men with no means of fighting back she is a skank period.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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