Scam report about bismark boateng

First name:  bismark
Last name:  boateng
Age:  unknown
Report:  this is a true travel agency I have been having trouble with them. It all started with a air fair ticket for my girl friend. The agency tried to get the most high cost ticket there was. I went around and around with them about it findly they saw it my way. Then want happen on the 25th of Aug took a bus from Kumasi to Accra the bus was in a accident she was hurt and put her in the hospital for two weeks. Mr. Sadta told me that the agency put in the paper work for delay report, to hold her ticket. After she was relisted from the hospital that's when all the trouble started. I was contacted by Mr. Sadta that there was a penalty fee from KLM OF 485 DOLLARS after I sent that I got a e mail from him stating that her ticket will be soon two weeks later it comes up by me asking him what's the hold up. My girl friend informed me because of there delay that her landlord wanted the rent or they where going to kick her out. I was told by Mr. Sadta that there was a little problem but they where working on it. I kept hounding about it, then finely it came out i was told that KLM didn't have any report on the delay of the ticket. So they where hiding the truth of this problem for weeks. Now they are not going to get her a new flight until the rest on a new ticket is paid the agency is holding 585 dollars of mine and there said that there not going to refund any thing back to me and that money was just sent to them just to weeks ago 485 was for the penalty fee that they didn't send in to KLM they kept it and a 100 dollars for a flight from Kumasi to Accra that they wanted this time. I e mailed them and told them what I was going to do and report there agency to stop scammer in Ghana YOU KNOW THEY TOLD ME THEY DIDN'T CARE WHAT I DO no one will care SO I'M ASKING EVERYONE THAT USE'S THIS SITE BE CAREFUL OF THIS AGENCY THEY DON'T TAKE CARE OF THERE CUSTOMERS JUST TAKE YOUR MONEY I DUE HAVE ALL E MAIL FROM THEM AND ME I WILL SEND YOU ALL THE E MAIL TOTAL AMOUNT SENT TO ABDUL SADAT 1753 + 485 + 100 = 2338 dollars

Status of report:  is still without proof

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