First name: Najat
Last name: Issah
Age: 31
Location: Ghana, Kumasi
Address: P.O. box t69, Old Tafo 00233
Phone: 233267729634
Email: dont have one
On websites: Skype
Report:     She is good - sends out her photo but it is really photos of Janessa Brazil Porn Star - She tells you she no loner does porn anymore and left the USA and went home to Ghana (Lie) She will tell you she just took this photo for you (Lie) go look on Janessa web site under photos you will find the same photo she just took for you their. She will work you, like I said, she is good. Had her take a photo of her with a piece of paper with the date and time on it to send me, Took a few minutes but I got it, it was a real photo of Janessa holding award, but Najat has photo shop the award white, then zoom in and check out the writing dome with a mouse on a computer all Lies
Status of report: is still without proof