First name: Jessie
Last name: Pek
Aka: Rebecca verbanas lawson, Rebecca yerbanas lawson, jessie pek, Rebecca lawson, Rebecca Cardisco
Age: 28-34
Location: United Kingdom
Phone: +447593759970
On websites: AdultFriendFinder
Report:     Are profile tells you she lives in California but she doesn't sugar ants got married and now her dad don't get along no more so she had to leave Andrew uncles in the UK she said she spent two years in the US Army find a years and she said that her boyfriend died in Iraq now she's there with her Uncle waiting for her inheritance of her parents that both our parents died in a bad car accident 2 years ago in Texas he said she was born and raised in Texas now she says she wants to come here and be with me but her passport expired so now she needs the money to pay to get her passport and her medical exam tell me a cost of $1,500 to get that all done and I asked her if she had money for a plane ticket and she said that she asked her uncle for it so she can come here with me I've only been talking to her for 2 days and she tells me that she's in love with me and I'm her soulmate and she's been searching for me all her life and she just can't wait to be with you and have children together
Status of report: is still without proof