Scam report about Roson Delgado

First name:  Roson
Last name:  Delgado
Aka:  Clara Delgado
Age:  38
Location:  Monterrey, Mexico
Address:  ANA YELI Last Name: GALVAN HIPOLITO Add: 376 Zaragoza street Country: Mexico State: Nuevo Leon, City: Monterrey
On websites:  gmail, hangouts
Report:  This report deals with Roson Delgado, aka Clara Delgado the most despicable scammer I have come across yet. She has a page at Okcupid where she says that she is looking for friendship and romance with a man between the ages of 52 and 72 for a long term relationship. Her location at okcupid is Sweden. She told me that she is American but I found that her knowledge of the English language leaves a little to be desired. She was quick to tell me that she was no longer in Sweden as her 20 year old daughter had had a serious car accident whilst visiting her boyfriend in Mexico. She told me that her daughter was on a life support system and in coma at a private hospital called De Maria located in Monterrey, she did not know the full address of the hospital. I offered to send flowers and asked her to find out the full address which she did and my research shows that this hospital does not exist. (a list of all hospitals in Monterrey attached) She told me that she was sitting at her daughters bedside holding her hand whilst texting me, NOTE; mobile phones are most certainly not permitted near sensitive life support system equipment. She sent me a photo of her and her daughter taken before the alleged accident and I asked a Doctor friend for advice on this photo and he confirms that the daughter by her facial expression and her unformed arms and hands was probably suffering from cerebral palsy. I asked Roson to tell me what her daughters condition was and the injuries that she described to me were shocking. I asked her for a photo of her daughter in her hospital bed and Roson sent me one but the position of the girls hands in my opinion are not contusive with an accident but more probably a long term disorder. I have to say here that up until now and although Rosons story was flawed I was still believing it may be true, you will see from her hangouts chat she is very clever. To show you how clever this one is I will describe one part of our chat, I told her that I was ex Scotland Yard and that I suspected that another woman who had contacted me from okcupid was a scammer, she quickly asked for a photo and the suggested I ask my suspected scammer to send me a selfie and quickly told me she was laying on the bed and would take one of her to explain what she meant. The photo arrived and for me Roson is either the actual scammer or she luckily had a stock photo! After four or five days of texts between us, by chance I Roson had a facebook page in the name of Clara Delgado, fortunately or unfortunately facebook informed her of my visit to her page, she was most surprised that I had found this page and I think she decided it was time to work her scam. She asked me not to send flowers but cash instead as she was hungry and then went on to ask how much I would send her. I asked for her bank account number so I could transfer by computer and she asked me to send the cash by moneygram or Western Union. The address she gave me is in a male name. I am sorry about the length of this report but I felt it needed a lot of explaining.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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