First name: Tina
Last name: Chuck
Age: 28
Location: Claimed-Marysville, Kansas, Real - Accra, Ghana or Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: (316) 285-9116
On websites: Mate1- AS
Report:     Hi Iron Lady It's WarmLuv4U from mate1! You chat requested me and I'm very happy. I'm looking for someone like you dear. Are you busy? My name is Jonathan. That was my initial response by phone text to Tina after receiving a contact from her at MATE1. We switched to Google Hangouts soon after she responded to me and I have both chat Logs for my Proof Report. Tina and I got steamy pretty quickly and I have the two way conversation in it's entirety for the Proof Report. She got right to work creating a scenario to push an early visit on me, saying she would drive to me to stay a while because she and her sister were not seeing eye to eye
Status of report: will be added soon