Scam report about Lovia Ofosua

First name:  Lovia
Last name:  Ofosua
Aka:  Mindy Lee
Age:  36
Location:  Melrose, USA, and Accra, Ghana
Address:  Lovia Ofosua Country: Ghana City: Accra Zipcode : 00233
On websites:  Google gmail
Report:  This report deals with Lovia Ofosua who has her profile at Okcupid. Her profile picture at cupid is entirely different to the photos she later sent me. She is registered on a Russian site as Mindy Lee and a photo of her sent to me has a picture of a flower which is on exhibition at a Russian Gallery, I was unable to translate this page. During my search for her I came up with name of Mindy Silverwood, an American Actress who I believe that the pictures sent to me are stolen from, sadly I cannot remember where I got this info from. She was a long job, very slow in asking for me to send her cash, many mails between us, sorry! But today she came shining through and told me she has malaria and needs $300.00 to buy medicines. I asked for her bank account number to make a transfer but she suggested Moneygram . Sorry the report was written twice by me, I attach the former report for your information below. She says she is 36 years of age who is using OK cupid under the profile Loviaaa87. She says she is in Melrose, USA and then 20 minutes later she is suddenly in Ghana, a magician this one because her profile pic shows her with blue eyes and then she sends me photos of a very similar lady with brown eyes. She was taught to write by A.J. Lawrence as she writes reams and reams of crap. A reverse image search shows her photos to be of a two bit B film actress called Mindy Lee. Mindy Lee has a small mole on the left side her nose, Lovia doesn?t.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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