Scam report about Marilyne Duchet

First name:  Marilyne
Last name:  Duchet
Age:  32
Location:  France
Address:  Biaritz
On websites:
Report:  Saches this; I like our relationship and I'm not with you for money because I make a good living. I think we are building something beautiful and I would not want it to spoil for a money story because just like you, money for me is not more important than man. What is happening is that I am facing a situation that I did not expect at all. I'm sorry for my reaction just now, I was only really shocked to see you compare me to a scam. I just need a little money to help me complete what I already have and clear my merchandise. I swear to you on my life and on all that I have of precious in this world that I do not try to slander you and that I will not run away from you and abandon you if you send me, money. Tell me what you want me to do to prove to you that I am really in trouble and I will do it to prove it to you.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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