Scam report about Tatyana Pokshevnitska

First name:  Tatyana
Last name:  Pokshevnitska
Aka:  Yavesna, Tanya
Age:  39
Location:  Kiev, Ukraine
On websites:  Gmail
Report:  This report deals with Yavesna a cupid client with several different akas, ie, Tatyana Pokshevnitskaya and Tanya. Sadly I was very stupid, she contacted me months ago via cupid and we began to converse at gmail. I was sure that she was a scammer, the usual Russian type, slow and deliberate. We conversed for weeks and I was getting nowhere so I asked if she would like to come to Brazil. She asked me to describe where I lived and one of the things that I told her was that I knew a completely private beach where if she wished we could bathe naked. She wasn?t impressed with my suggestion, lol, told me she wasn?t that type of woman and ceased all contact with me. This is where I was stupid, I didn?t have proof so I deleted almost all of our mails. Today I have been clearing out old files as I am retiring from this in the New Year and I found the file on Yavesna, Minus all of the mails, I was about to delete it and I noticed that a photo she had sent me is fake, a photoshop job. I hope there is still enough evidence to classify her as a scammer because without any doubt she is.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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