Last name:  MARIA
Age:  37
Phone:  +79214042521
On websites:  FDATING
Report:  she is Maria from petersburg , her mother is TATYANA LAZAREVA VLADIMIROVNA, she is simple woman and very intelligent. She uses her charming photos to hunt her prey. She communicates on viber and whatsapp with camera and you can see her mother ( simple family in simple appartment). She says she is at the airport in Milano and leaves in Russia. She just broke up with her Italian boyfriend. Its objective that you go to see her in saint petersburg. As I have a lot of work I proposed to come and see me in France. She accepted and of course I paid her the tickets. One day before departure she insists on paying 150? per moneygram or western union to go there if there is no problem on her flight. I paid 150? on western union and she says she can not withdraw them because the western union agencies have a concern and she asks to pay the same amount on moneygram, I refuse and I insist that she wait A bit and actually at the end of the day she saw that I did not pay a second time she decided to withdraw them.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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