Scam report about Daniella Sasu Banu

First name:  Daniella Sasu
Last name:  Banu
Age:  34
Location:  Ghana, Accra
Address:  Kanda Estate, 015 HNO, Ring Road
Phone:  +233240077934
On websites:  Google Hangouts
Report:  This person contacted me on email, 6.5 weeks ago saying she had seen my profile online and did not specifically remember which site, incidentally other women contacted me around the same time some were blatantly looking for money shortly after talking to them on Hangouts. Daniella is enjoyable to talk to and did not seem pushy as others were, I have continued to talk to her then innocently enough she asked for money, $200 to buy food, drinks, books for local orphanages on her birthday. This seems to be an honorable idea, I declined as I have given to World Vision and am reluctant to send money to an individual I have never seen in real life. Again she is asking for money, $80 to give a Christmas gift to her granny. Is this person for real or just another of many scammers and if a scammer I certainly want others to know of her and avoid having heart strings pulled in a direction to be used.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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