First name: Velga
Last name: Velez
Aka: Cakang
Age: 39
Location: Cagayan de Oro
Address: 9000
Phone: 09155437849
Email: lixiujuan
On websites: tagged, facebook
Report:     This woman is a member of tagged and she is always asking for money in exchange of sex and naked on cam. She has been victimizing foreigners in different counties. I was a victim of her. She asked my money worth 5000 dollars and when I send to her, she disappeared.She will make you fall in love with her and promised you she will marry you but will just steal money from you. This woman was still married with 3 children and has a lived in partner. And under surveillance already in Philippines. So beware of this woman. She will rip you off.
Status of report: is still without proof