Scam report about Aleksandra 

First name:  Aleksandra
Age:  29
Location:  Rostov-on-Don. Russia
Email: - -
Report:  I am reporting a scammer. I have read you rules and am following them to he best of my ability I understand you can edit this report and have no problem with that. The person contacted me through email. The first email I received was on November 29, 2016. I did not contact her for this, she contacted me. I asked her where she got my email address. She replied quote, ?I saw you on what that site, but I do not remember at what.? I was very suspicious with that. In the beginning. I have all info I received on her, e-mails and 21?pictures. I will send what and how many pictures you want on request. I feel sure this is a group of scammers working out of one of the Russian republics not just this one individual. Note, I have been scammed badly in the, past January 2014, of which all info I still have. So, I then schooled my self well on scamers how they act contact, write and more so I look for and recognize them well. I started a dialogue, writing replies to with her. I continued watch all for scammer identify, first off she used three different email address very strange. The three email address are: - - The length of our correspondence was 33 days, 11/28-16 to 12/31/16. She requested money in the 33rd letter she wrote to me 12/31/16 for, quote, ?$560 dollars.? In her name in the email. This is the only request received. ? I have not and don?t intend to send her any money When I received this request, I recognize immediately she a scammer. I have not communicated with her in another email of my own. I have wondered about to write her back and lay a trap. However, I just sent her a reply this date advising her I not sending the money. So, I consider the correspondence ended. But I not sure if is the end of the story as I am considering getting this to some law enforcement and see if she can be caught and prosecuted. However, catching her might be a problem as think this is a highly skilled operation. I see this with the pictures she sent of a passport. I examined closely and found no flaws in it. Michael Muinov of AllRussian wrote: There are a lot of fake passports circulating in Russia and these scammers are using them. Often these phony passports are of a very high quality and almost impossible to distinguish from a real passport. The quality of these passport is so good that in most cases it takes a government agency to verify if the passport is real or not. However, I gleaned lots of info from it. The picture on it matched all pictures I have. I saw her birth date ? 21.06.1987. that reads better June 6, 1987 making her 29- years old which matches all her other information. Maybe this will be of help. If not be easy to delete all. I have used an online Russian keyboard to identify what was on there on the pass port as follows: 1st line ??????? ???? ??????--- Department of Russian Federal :Migration Service; 2nd line ?????????? ?????? --- Rostov region; 3rd line ?? ???. ??????-??-???? - on the mountains. Rostov-on-Don. Also her name : ???????? Lukyanov, ????????? Alexandra, ??????? Yuryevna therefore maybe Lukyanov Alexandra Yuryevna . I noticed several things strange during then correspondence. She would not answer direct questions; she moved way too fast about being serious: she wrote state she live in Rostov-on-Don and then give street address in Perm, very, very strange. Also she invite me to come visit her and stay with her in her apartment?wow, no woman do that site unseen and very limit communication. Next, suddenly she announced she come see me. I shocked she want do something like this so soon. I want to pursue filling this with some police organization to prosecute her. I understand fully - criminal prosecution of individuals named on our site is solely at the discretion of the individual. I would hope maybe you give me directions or even address to some organizations to do this with. I will attach one photo-. It is the one last one she scent me and I believe what she looks like in real time. I also state again I have more pictures if need. This concludes my in initial filing..

Status of report:  is still without proof

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